We are Resolute

Resolute is a trusted teammate who has delivered real, measurable results to government and private sector organizations in developing viable and sustainable technical solutions.

res·o·lute /ˈrezəˌl(y)o͞ot / adjective - admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering


Resolute is passionate about helping government and private sector teams deeply understand their people, process or technology business problems and tailoring/deploying sustainable technical solutions. 

Our vision

Our team’s vision is for our Nation’s service members and other government teams to have access to best-in-class tools and processes to accomplish their mission. 

Resolute Values


We approach all stakeholder relationships from a position of integrity. We value candor, even when it makes for challenging situations. We are aggressive in problem solving and overcoming obstacles, but we fulfill or exceed legal and ethical responsibilities always.


We challenge our team to take risks – to find innovative ways to solve problems knowing that success often comes after failure. We are bold in our statements and bolder yet in our execution.


We say what we will do, and we do it.

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